7d Hifu Machine

Model: 3F73
Brand Name: Jomy
OEM/ODM: Design on Logo/Appearance/Software/Hardware...
Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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Working principle of 7d hifu machine

7D hifu high-energy focused ultrasound system has a smaller focus point than other HIFU devices. With more accurately transmits high-energy focused ultrasound energy at 65~75°C to the target skin tissue layer, which results in a thermal coagulation effect without harming surrounding tissues. While stimulating the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, it greatly improves the comfort and give you a perfect V face with the skin plump, firm, and elastic.

7d hifu machine 1 (1)

7d hifu machine 1 (1)

Features of 7d hifu machine:

1) For face: face lifting, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, fine wrinkle removal, neck wrinkle removal, double chine removal.

2) For body: abdomen fat reduce, arms fat reduce, legs fat reduce, thighs fat reduce, butt lifting, fat reduce, slimming

3) Safety and convenience for whole body treatment.

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Advantage of 7d hifu machine:

Using dual-core patented system, fast speed, small dosing, precise positioning of the treatment layer without pain, compared with other equipment, comfortable and effective anti-aging projects, in line with market demand

1)Suspended lifting is firm, painless and non-invasive, immediate results

2)Equipped wit

h seven depth probes, layered anti-aging

3)Three-dimensional improvement of skin age, skin texture, and complexion

7d hifu machine 1 (4)

Applications of 7d hifu machine

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Good feedback of 7d hifu machine

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1. How can I familiar with using your machine?

We provide three training methods: instruction, video and online; We also welcome you to our company for further training;

2. How to arrange payments?

T/T,Western Union are acceptable,of course,you also can pay online through trade assurance of alibaba if you like.

3. Whats the solution once machine damage?

All door to door package includes insurance if ship by our agent, avoid any money lost from rough transportation.

4.When will the machine be delivered to me?

A: We will make delivery within 7 days, after payment is made.