Endospheres Therapy Machine- Treatment for cellulite

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Endospheres Therapy Machine- Treatment for cellulite

What is Endospheres Therapy?

In a nutshell: Endospheres Therapy is a non-invasive mechanical treatment that uses the therapeutic benefits of compressive microvibration. The microvibrations transmit through low frequency the vibrations to create a pulsed rhythmic action to the tissue. It is delivered using a cylinder of rotating silicone spheres – a larger cylinder for body contours and smaller one for face – with a variable speed which determines the frequency (variable from 40 to 355hz) With rotation and pressure to create a pumping action.

What are the benefits of Endospheres Therapy?

· Lymphatic drainage – it eliminates excess liquid that can be stagnant in the cells which can cause puffiness and cellulite.

· Body Contouring and toning – the compression and vibration on muscle helps to stimulate the area to reshape, firm and tone.

· Vascular action – a unique honeycomb arrangement of the rotating spheres induces pressure and lift, improving circulation.

· Pain relief  – the compressive microvibration works on mechanoreceptors and on inflammation and has shown to decrease or eliminate painful symptoms of swollen legs.

What results can you achieve with Endospheres Therapy?

· Tightened and toned muscle and tissue

· Eliminated or greatly improved cellulite

· Improved lymphatic draining and puffiness

· Reduced circumference of waist and thighs

· Improved contours of the silhouette

The above relates to the body, but it is all true for Endospheres Facial, and using the same modality, it also smooths and plumps wrinkles, gently exfoliates the top layers of the skin, lifts the cheeks, eyes and chin and aids in the absorption of subsequent products.

My Treatment Experience

I must say, I was really pleased that it wasn’t painful at all. It was warm and comfortable and I could tell my face was getting a brilliant massage – it was super stimulating and my revved up circulation was perking up my tired energy physically and mentally! Using the smaller of two cylinders to work on my face (the larger one is for the bigger muscles on the body) the only way to describe how the device felt was that it was as if you were drumming your fingertips exceedingly quickly across your face. Obviously, you can’t drum your fingertips as fast as the device rotates, but that’s just to give you an idea of the sensation and sequence of pressure I felt. At one point, when therapist Lila was working on my cheeks, I literally felt the side of my face lift up as if I was smiling and after just a half hour Endospheres Eva Facial, followed by a luxuriously relaxing face mask, I walked out of the treatment room feeling and looking at least 3-5 years younger.

This technology is realized by a 360° intelligent rotating cylindrical roller handle. A roller device composed of 50 silicone balls in the larger handle, used for body care; another roller device composed of 60 silicone balls in a smaller handle is used for face/neck care. Silicone balls are placed in a honeycomb shape with a specific density and diameter. The direction of rotation and pressure ensure that the micro-compression is transmitted to the tissue. The unique handle produces mechanical compression and micro-vibration on the skin, which cannot be replicated by hands or other techniques "Compression micro-vibration therapy" replaces the traditional method of "suction traction massage", using micro-compression instead of suction, and micro-vibration instead of traction. When applied to the body, it helps to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, deep detoxification, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, decompose subcutaneous fat deposits, eliminate cellulite, reduce cellulite and shape contours. After a few procedures, your body will immediately reduce its volume by 1-2 sizes! When applied to the face, it helps to improve the formation of blood vessels, thereby supporting the production of collagen and elastin, increasing oxygen delivery, helping to nourish and brighten tissues from the inside, in addition, it can relax and regulate muscles and help reduce expression wrinkles. Appears, reduces swelling, fights tissue sagging, and rejuvenates the face significantly. Compression micro-vibration therapy is specially designed for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, body shaping and physical therapy. It is the latest generation of body care for the face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and feet, etc. Compression micro-vibration therapy is a treatment that can reactivate blood circulation, a method that can care for complex diseases such as lymphatic stasis, lymphedema and cellulite, so it can improve skin nutrition and cell oxygenation, compression micro-vibration therapy It is an innovative combination between beauty and health.