Face of Man--- dpl laser hair removal

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Face of Man--- dpl laser hair removal

2 weeks ago,  I was invited by Mefitted to write about an interesting clinic that offers skincare solutions for men. Yup, you read that right. Face of Man caters to the male population and has been doing so since 1992.

However, that doesn't mean that ladies are not welcome~

In fact, I was told that while men are the targeted clients, most of them come in with their girlfriends.

So what was I doing at Face of Man?

Well, based on the posts that are popular on my blog, I realized that heaps of you are reading about hair removal, so I decided to try out one of their hair removal service, Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL). The latest ‘SND’ technology – a combination of IPL and Laser power source to enable the creation of a new shape of pulse, called d-light, and this technology came from Korea.

I was told that DPL uses 2 different types of light: the smart light works on coarse hair removal while the d-light works on fine hair removal. DPL hair removal treatment works by retarding the growth of the hair, thus slowing down the growth rate which means that hair will grow slower than usual.

This DPL machine can also eradicate acne, pigmented spots, and rejuvenate the collagen.  


Service starts the moment I entered the door, I was greeted warmly and was asked to fill up a form for my particulars and basic health records.


I entered the treatment room, got changed into their gown and a few minutes later, the therapist came in and helped me clean my lady bits with a moist cloth before leaving the room to bring in the DPL machine. Then I was given a safety eyewear (kinda like a sunglasses) to put on for protection while she started to prepare.

I was told that the ideal hair length for removal using the DPL machine is 2mm because this treatment needs the hair shaft to work. The treatment starts without any shaving done, I would say that it's probably due to the fact that the hair around my lady bits are around the ideal length in most area. The therapist proceed by rolling a cold roller over the skin before zapping the area.

As for the sensation and pain, I would say that waxing is more painful and hot at times. With DPL there is a warm prickly sensation, and at some point, it feels like being pricked with a hot needle. But the pain is tolerable, it helps to have the cold roller to take the heat away and calm the skin.


After zapping the whole area, my therapist took a shaver out to shave the area before wiping the area clean and applying a calming lotion over the area. That was the last step and I got changed.

Duration: 30mins

Ambiance: Clean simple environment with calming classical music.
Overall, I am quite satisfied with the service. The only issue I had was how the DPL treatment differs from other hair removal services I have experienced before because to be honest, I left the salon feeling like maybe the therapist wasn't too sure about this treatment or the steps of it and she wasn't as smooth in the treatment transition like an experienced therapist of a treatment would be.


Unlike other hair removal treatments, shaving is done after the zapping. I was told that if the hair is longer than the ideal length, it will be trimmed down before the zap. But I know that the hair of my pubic triangle is shorter than the inner thigh area, and when she zapped, some of the hair strands actually burn off and she told me that it is part of the effects.

I took it in stride, but over the next few days as the hairs grew out, I had a little issue with ingrown hairs around the areas where the hair strands were burnt off, but it was nothing major.

2 weeks later, the areas that had the shorter ideal hair length and where she zapped properly, showed signs of retarded hair growth and significant effectiveness of the treatment, but for areas that I felt that she was a little sloppy showed no change in hair growth.


I will reserve my conclusion for now because I will be going back for a few more session to see how many times it will take me to be completely hairless and to see if there is any improvement in the service of the treatment with perhaps a different therapist.

So, stay tune for my updated experience!