Fat Cavitation Rf Machine

Model: 1C30
Brand Name: Jomy
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Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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Product parameters

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1, strong fat, fat removal

Using a sound wave with a frequency of up to 40000 Hz emitted by a strong acoustic wave with a strong sound wave, human body fat cells can have a strong impact effect and frictional movement between adipocytes after entering the human body, which can effectively consume heat and consume the water of cells. The fat cells are shrunk. In addition, when the sound wave vibrates, the cells can make a strong crack and impact, and the cells will burst instantaneously and the fat cells will be reduced, thereby achieving the effect of removing fat.

2, dissolve fat, lymphatic drainage, tighten skin, enhance skin elasticity

With the most advanced radio frequency technology and energy radio frequency in one, it can reach deep into the fat body, with the superiority of targeted radio frequency output, so that the fat cell tissue in the fast and active state produces the heat energy of the cell body frictional heat, so that the local temperature Elevated, through sweat glands, enterohepatic circulation and lymph to the body of excess fat and toxins excreted in order to achieve the effect of dissolving fat.

3, improve the orange peel, slimming shaping

The biological wave generated by the instrument energy electrode stimulates the corresponding acupoints of the body, utilizes different frequencies and pulses, and under the interaction of various physical and electronic synergies, the fat body is effectively stimulated, the body is moved, and the calories are consumed again. Fat, in order to achieve the effect of plastic body.

4, the introduction of magnetic therapy health technology

Magnetic energy activates cellular energy, promotes blood circulation; removes free radicals on blood vessel walls, reduces blood viscosity, and lowers blood lipids; sedation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and swelling; improves immunity and anti-aging effects.

5, anti-bump acid balance

According to the acid-base balance and acid-base neutralization theory, a large number of acidic substances accumulate in the ill parts of the human body. Acidic substances are what we call wastes that have not been metabolized by the human body. The 3D stereoscopic carving instrument incorporates light, electricity and magnetism. , Infrared several major functions in one, for the modern sub-health status, to achieve soothing, physiotherapy, beauty and other functions; through vacuum suction, far infrared, magnetic therapy and optoelectronics, smooth lymphatic channels, accelerate the body's metabolism, blood circulation, speed up Toxin metabolism and absorption of nutrients, relieve pain, health care, so as to play the purpose of row acid remediation.

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Suit all people,all fat types.

5 in 1 multi-function for slimming and keep in good health.

No downtime non-invasive no side effect.

Low cost and high profits.
Long lifetime but low consumable.

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  1. What if any quality problems during guarantee period ?

   A1.We can provide free technical support and software upgrades.

   2.What should do if don’t know how to use the machine ?

   A2.We have operation video and user manual for your reference , and also we provide you 24 hours on line service.

   3.How many kinds of payment term do you have ?

   A3.We accept Western Union , Secure Payment , Paypal and T / T,Alibaba.

   4.How about the shipment?

   A4.The machine will be shipped within 5-7 days after the receipt of your payment.