Skin-Tightening Treatments: 448khz indiba machine

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INDIBA Science

Radiofrequency is classified as electrotherapy and devices normally work with currents in a range from 30.000 Hz to 30 MHz. Radiofrequency has been traditionally used to increase local tissue temperature and generate heat.

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Radiofrequency therapy is widely used to treat many conditions such as:

Chronic pain

Skin flaccidity

Muscle contractures

Fat deposits


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The effects of treatment depend on the temperature reached, as well as the time that the temperature is maintained in the treated area.

What makes INDIBA different and unique is the fixed frequency of 448 kHz. Studies have proven that at 448 kHz INDIBA can stimulate stem cell proliferation (2, 3), inhibit fat deposits (4) and be able to stimulate chondrocytes (cells involved in cartilage formation) to increase cartilage proliferation (3) in vitro studies.

These properties turn INDIBA into a vital technology for:

Tissue regeneration

Fat deposit control

Cellulite improvement

Pre and post surgery treatment

Wound healing

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INDIBA treatments have previously been known under other names, such as TEC or TECAR and some people even refer to our technology as tecar therapy. We have also introduced the concept of Proionic System.

INDIBA research and use is not limited to humans and can also be used for animal applications to improve performance, prevent injury and speed rehabilitation.

How does Indiba Deep Care work?

Indiba sends radiofrequency energy directly into the deep layer of your skin (dermis) where collagen fibers lie. In doing so, this non-surgical skin tightening treatment achieves three main effects:

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Biostimulation (sub-thermal): activates the cells’ metabolic rate, increases circulation, and activates fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells)

Vascularization (thermal): dilates blood vessels, which increases blood flow, oxygenates tissue, boosts cellular metabolism, and encourages drainage.

Hyperactivation (hyperthermal): breaks down fatty deposits, helps remove toxins, further increases cell metabolism, and activates collagen production

During healing, fibroblasts work overtime to create more collagen. Collagen then builds a fresh framework for your skin, helping you achieve a tighter, younger look. Even after your Indiba skin-tightening treatment, your results will continue improving throughout the following months. That means you’ll continue to see your results improve long after your treatment is done—all without stitches or downtime.

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Benefits of Indiba skin tightening treatments

Here’s the truth: We wouldn’t rave so much about a treatment if it didn’t actually work. After performing countless procedures, we’ve found that Indiba provides amazing results for patients of all ages. Here are just a few of the benefits of one of our favorite non-surgical skin tightening procedures.

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Indiba is faster than other treatments.

Most people are surprised when they find out that Indiba doesn’t take much time at all. You won’t be in the office for hours on end; in fact, the treatment only takes about 20 to 60 minutes, depending on your treatment area(s).

Indiba requires no downtime.

Life is busy, and sometimes you simply don’t have time to “rest” after a procedure. Plus, there’s no fun in missing the holiday season as you wait for your body to heal from surgery. With Indiba and its patented radiofrequency energy, we can safely tighten your skin and smooth wrinkles, and you won’t have to take time away from daily life.

Indiba comes with little discomfort.

One of the best things about Indiba is that it’s virtually painless for most people. You may notice mild discomfort such as a warming sensation, but other than that there’s nothing much to it. No pain or downtime? It honestly doesn’t get much better than that.

Indiba treats multiple areas

With an Indiba procedure, you don’t have to pick and choose which areas you want to treat; you can truly have it all! Whether you want to firm your stomach or tighten your jawline, Indiba’s innovative technology could be your perfect solution.

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