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What is Tixel novoxel?

Based on Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) technology, the Tixel novoxel impacts the targeted tissue. In ablative mode deep or shallow micropores are created. In non-ablative mode Tixel® transfers heat to the upper dermis while sparing the epidermis thus generating permeable channels with effective transdermal transfer to hydrophilic molecules. Topical anaesthetic creams are not required and healing is fast and down time practically non-existent.

Tixel novoxel offers a dimension in compactness, ergonomic design, and operating comfort to its users who also benefit from significant cost savings in equipment, maintenance, operating costs and in floor space.

Tixel novoxel is portable

Tixel novoxel is a light weight; weighing in at just 11kgs, is portable and comes complete with it’s own wheelie bag – exceptionally convenient if you have more than one practice.

Tixel novoxel has no optics, no high power circuits, no scanners and no water pumps.  It does not radiate light or present eye safety hazards.  Furthermore, ablation is smoke and particle free, and therefore does not require the use of smoke evactuators or protective dust masks.  The device also achieves the right level of tissue coagulaton without any bleeding.

Who is Tixel novoxel for?

Tixel novoxel is ideal for any aesthetic practitioner who wishes to provide safe, results driven, cost effective open channel, non-ablative and full ablative treatments. Best suited for patients who present with moderate to severe wrinkles on the face, upper lips, crow’s feet, cheeks, glabella, forehead, peri-oral and peri-orbital regions, the full face, neck, acne/scarring, pigmentation, lax skin, actinic keratosis, melasma and many more conditions.


Results are impressive to say the least and with low down time; all skin types I–VI can be safely treated.

Contra-indications remain the same as with any other fractional device; no patients with a history of immunocompromised status or active systemic disease that might interfere with wound healing, any active local or systemic infection, connective tissue disorders, lactation, history of allergy to any medication necessary for treatment, keloid, herpes simplex, current skin cancer, vitiligo, unrealistic expectations and body dismorphic disorder – all constitute relative contraindications.

"One of the central  advantages of the Tixel  is its versatility. I can perform an aggressive treatment as with a high power fractional CO2 laser or a very delicate treatment as  with an Erbium laser."

“I have used fractional CO2 lasers over the last ten years with great success. However I am now discovering that Tixel is identical to CO2 lasers with some substantial advantages.”

Some of the limiting factors of laser devices include their complexity, size and price; however, the Tixel is a compact and much less expensive technology, with histopathological results that are comparable to CO2 or lower grade fractional lasers.”

"Tixel is a very interesting technology,” said Eric F. Bernstein, M.D., of the Main Line Center for Laser Surgery (Ardmore, Pennsylvania, U.S.). “I have been performing histopathologic studies of numerous ablative and non-ablative devices for many years, analyzing the zone of

thermal damage and looking at collagen deposition. The histopathologic changes seen after Tixel treatment are very similar to carbon dioxide laser treatments, or lower settings of Erbium