Visia Skin Analysis Machine

Model: 9A2
Brand Name: Jomy
OEM/ODM: Design on Logo/Appearance/Software/Hardware...
Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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  • 9A2

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Visia Skin Analysis MachineTheory:

Skin analyzer can detect those skin problems, not only surfacial skin problem
but also those hidden skin base layer through the quantitative analysis. It will
put out these problems in the bud. So that you understand their own facial skin spots,
flare, chloasma, red blood silk, wrinkles, skin texture, large pores, acne these eight problems.
Skin testing data is 100% accurate.

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 Visia Skin Analysis Machine Technical index:

VISIA facial imaging booth:      auto focus Automatic white balance correction

Capture module position:        left 33°, center 0°, right 33°

Headrest:                                Vertically adjustable in three positions

Chin height:                            8.8 inches (22.3 cm) from the table

Headrest height:                    16 inches (40.6 cm) from the table

Multispectral imaging

Standard lamp IntelliFlash

Cross polarized flash

UV lighting


Voltage:                                100 to 240 volts AC (+/- 10%)

Frequency:                           50/60 Hz (+/- 3 Hz)

Current:                                3 A (effective value)

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Visia Skin Analysis Machine For computer requirements:



2.2 GHz or faster processor, Intel i5

Minimum 10 GB free disk space for installing applications

It is recommended to use 250 GB of free disk space to store data

Display:                            1280 x 900 (support 4K display, maximum magnification is 150%)

USB port:                          2 dedicated ports (USB 2.0)

1 Gbps wired LAN connection (Wi-Fi not supported)

Windows 10 (Professional 64-bit)-Recommended

Windows Home Edition and Windows VISTA-not supported

Internet Explorer 11

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