Cold Plasma Pen

Model: 3F59
Brand Name: Jomy
OEM/ODM: Design on Logo/Appearance/Software/Hardware...
Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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Product Description

What is ozone?
Generate high-frequency voltage, electrolyze oxygen in the air, and produce ozone.
The role of ozone
Ozone acts on the cell membrane of bacteria, damages the membrane components, destroys lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the
membrane, changes cell lysis and death, thereby killing bacteria, fungi and mites in a very short time, and inhibits inflammation,
and has a significant effect on acne , Ozone is reduced to oxygen after sterilization.

cold plasma pen

Product Advantage

Advantages of ozone plasma
1. Plasma ozone meter can be used in all parts.
2. Skin regeneration after plasma ozone meter operation.
3. There are no residues and secondary pollution, which cannot be achieved by any chemical system.
4. No pain, no scabs, no bleeding, no wounds, non-invasive operation, more convenient operation, safer and more effective.
The role of ozone plasma
1. Improve the absorption rate of effective ingredients in skin care products and improve the effect of functional cosmetics.
2. Sterilization and anti-inflammatory, effectively get rid of acne bacteria in the deep layer of the skin, clear acne marks,
acne, acne, etc., and prevent recurrence.
3. Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration, and relieve skin aging problems.
4. Soothing and relieve itching, catabolize pigments, regulate oil secretion and purifying skin, for allergic skin, acne, eczema,
dermatitis and other skin.
5. Inhibit melanin, brighten skin tone, refine skin texture and shrink pores.

cold plasma pen (3)

cold plasma pen (2)

cold plasma pen (4)

Product Function

cold plasma pen (5)

cold plasma pen (6)

cold plasma pen (7)

cold plasma pen (8)


1.Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, Our manufacturer covers an area of more than 1300 square meters and has more than 50 employees.

2.What Products do you produce?

We specialize in various massage, body fat scales, beauty instruments and other products.

3.Can we use our logo and design?

Of course, We provide OEM/ODM service.

4.What is the sample cost?

Samples and shipping costs will be required.

5.Do you check the finished product?

Yes,Every step in the production process will be checked by our quality control team;

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