Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine

Model: 2E4
Brand Name: Jomy
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Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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Treatment Theory Of ipl shr hair removal machine

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3 in 1 multi-function laser beauty platform combines multiple functions such as IPL E-light skin rejuvenation, nd yag laser tattoo removal, and RF facial lifting. Able to meet almost all requirements of a beauty clinic. Has a good cosmetic effect, while having a very high cost performance.

Compared to three single-function machines, this 3 in 1 laser platform saves a lot of space and shipping costs. It is the most cost-effective multi-function laser beauty platform on the market.

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Treatment Scope Of ipl shr hair removal machine

1. OPT SHR Permanent hair removal;

2. Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, and pigment removal;

3. Improving skin’s situation: more smooth, tender, delicate and elastic;

4. Changing complexion dark: skin whiting and uniform color;

5. Removing the pigment and scar: removing the sun-induced freckle, speckle, etc.

6. Removing the acne and blain to imprint

7. Removing the vascular lesions and blood vessel

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ipl shr hair removal machine

Parameters of ipl shr hair removal machine

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1.Can the IPL hair removal device be used on the face, head or neck?

Yes. It can be used on the face, neck, legs, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, stomach, arms, hands and feet.

2.Are there any side effects like bumps, pimples and redness?

Clinical studies show no lasting side effects associated with the proper use of IPL hair removal home use device like bumps and pimples. However, people with hyper sensitive skin may experience temporary redness which fades within hours. Applying smooth or cooling lotions after a treatment will help keep skin moisturized and healthy.

3.Why my skin reaction after treatment lasts longer than usual?

You may have used a light intensity setting that's too high for your skin type.

4.When will I begin seeing results?

You will see immediately noticeable results, in addition, you will begin to see results after your third treatment and be virtually hair-free after ten. Be patient - the results are worth the wait.