Laser Hair Removal 808

Model: 2E25
Brand Name: Jomy
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Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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Laser Hair Removal 808 Product Features

1. 755+808+1064nm laser hair removal
2. 1~120J/cm2 high-energy output
3. 1-10Hz high-frequency output
4. 12*20mm spot size
5. 5 million shots
6. Efficient & effective
7. 4-level strong & instant cooling
8. Suitable for all skin & hair types

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Laser Hair Removal 808 Working Principle

Laser of 3 different wavelengths (755nm, 808nm, 1064nm) combined penetrates epidermis to hair follicle,
preferentially absorbed by melanin and converted into heat to directly crush hair roots and nutrients,
depriving hair generation ability without damaging surrounding tissues, meanwhile instant strong refrigeration ensures
the epidermis won’t be burned, thus achieves a rapid, painless and permanent hair removal. 

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Laser Hair Removal 808 Technogy advantages:

(1) DP Double pulse technique

Combination of continuous preheating and heating pulses to destroy hair follicles

(2) US Lasertel imported laser bars and Large Spot Size

The extremely high quality US manufactured laser bars allow for 20,000 hours 

of continuous laser usage; 20 million shots are guaranteed.

The large spot size increases the depth of heat penetration and allows the hair follicle 

to absorb more energy, improvingtreatment effectiveness.

(3) 3 wavelengths to choose , suitable for all skin types

            808nm/755nm/1064nm are available, suitable for the full spectrum of skin tones and all hair types.

(4) Intelligent operating system

Pre-set parameters for safe and easy use, key operated, minimal training required.

(5)Double filter, Twice the protection.

The first stage adopts PP cotton to filter out impurities and prevent laser bloackages

the second stage uses a special resin to filter out metal ions, avoiding 

inner laser corrosion and prolonging system life.


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Laser Hair Removal 808 best result for all skin types and all hair types

Laser Hair Removal 808 offers more powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for light
colored and thin hair. It targets the Bulge of the hair follicle and is especially effective for superficially embedded hair.

808nm is classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808nm wavelength, offers deep penetration of the hair follicle
with high average power,suitable for most skin types and hair types .

1064nm wavelength is characterized by lower melanin absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types.
At the same time, the 1064nm offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle.

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A: after we get the payment within 5 working days. Depends on your quantity.

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3)Q:Is this your own brand?

A:Yes,All of the products are designed by our team ,we have appearance patent and trademark registration certificate.

4)Q: What's the payment method?

A: T/T, WESTERN UNIONQ: After sale service or technology supports ?

5)Q:How about the after sale service?

A: we have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. you can contact us by telephone, online chat (Skype, Google talk, MSN, Yahoo...).

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