Led Facial Mask

Model: 3F5
Brand Name: Jomy
OEM/ODM: Design on Logo/Appearance/Software/Hardware...
Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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                                                            led facial mask Benifits

Increasing collagen and fibroblast production in the skin, which gives the skin its elasticity
increasing circulation between blood and tissue cells
protecting cells from damage
increasing mRNA in the cells, which helps stimulate the cell
improving facial texture
reducing fine lines reducing wrinkle severity
rejuvenate the skin
improve the complexion
improve the feeling of the skin
reducing inflammation in the cells

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What is led facial mask therapy?

Light emitting diode (LED) light therapy is growing in popularity in both aesthetician offices and at home.

 Using varying LED wavelengths, this skincare technique purportedly helps:
* treat acne
* reduce inflammation
* promote anti-aging effects

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led facial mask How it works

LED light therapy has an established history of skin uses.
The U.S. Navy SEALs began using it in the 1990s 

to help heal wounds quickly and to help regenerate damaged muscle tissues.

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led facial mask What to expect after therapy ?

LED light therapy is noninvasive, so no recovery time is required. You should be able
to continue with your everyday activities once your treatment is over.

In-office LED light therapy requires up to 10 sessions or more, each spaced out about a week apart.
You may start to see minor results after your first session. Results will be more dramatic and noticeable
 once you’ve finished all of your treatments.

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Q1: What is the lead time & arrival?

A: Samples need 3-5working days, for quantity order, need about 15-20 working days (depend on detailed quantity of the order). We use Express (DHL, UPS, FedEx Or TNT).It usually takes 3-7 days to arrive except Sea transportation.

Q2: Brand our logo or name on your lights?

A: Can be acceptable, 1 piece MOQ. We will need to charge extra silk screen fees on your special request.

Q3. What is the difference between red and near infrared light therapy?

A: Red and near infrared light therapy are exactly the same except for two differences: Red light is visible and near infrared light is invisible. Near infrared light penetrates into the body deeper than red light.

Q4. How long does it take for red light therapy to work?

A: It is not an immediate miracle transformation that will occur overnight, but it will provide you with ongoing improvements that you will begin to see in anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months, depending on the condition, its severity, and how regularly the light is used.

For most conditions, daily use for at least two weeks is recommended, followed by a once- or twice- weekly maintenance regimen.

Q5. Do I need to continue to use the light as much when I start seeing results?

A: Yes. Just because you're seeing results, it doesn't mean that your skin cells are finished doing their jobs. It's just that the results of their efforts are starting to become something you can see and/or feel. Keep up the treatments until you reach your goal level of results. Then you can start a weekly maintenance schedule.

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