Radio frequency equipment

Model: 3F41
Brand Name: Jomy
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Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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How does radio frequency equipment work?

radio frequency equipment 1

Fractional RF needle system through the special design of many fractional needle point array, the high speed digital motor controls order through the epidermis and the dermis accurate to control the depth of 0.25-3 mm, again by the end of lattice needle release RF, stimulate collagen and elastic tissue, and is not thermal damage skin layer potential . When skin tissues through this process, the epidermal layer is safe, RF energy can well to penetrate to the dermis, stimulate collagen protein hyperplasia, not only is the best way to improve the scars, but also long-term tightening skin wrinkles induced the good method.

radio frequency equipment 2

The Functions Of radio frequency equipment

1. Anti-wrinkle, firming the skin, improve pseudo wrinkles, dissolving fat, shaping and lifting.

2. Rapidly improve the dull and lusterless symptom, enhance dry skin and sallow complexions, brighten the skin and make it more tender.

3. Actively promote facial lymph circulation, solve the problem of skin edema.

4. Lifting and tightening the skin, effectively solving the problem of facial sagging, shaping delicate face, repairing stretch marks.

5. Removing black rim of the eye, eye bags and wrinkles around the eye.

6. Shrinking the pores, repairing blain scar, calming skin.

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Parameters of radio frequency equipment

radio frequency equipment 13

Advantage OF radio frequency equipment


1. Non insulated needles: equal therapy to epidermis and dermis layer
2. Stepping motor type: needle inserts to skin smoothly without shock
3. Gold plated needles: high biocompatibility, suits metal allergy patient
4. Precise depth control: 0.2-3.5mm in unit of 0.1mm
5. Safety needle system:
-sterilized disposable needle cartridges
-suction combined probe for better skin contact
6. User-friendly handpiece design:
-handpiece trigger button

-3 different shape needle cartridges suits to different treatment area


1.What is rf microneedle?

The gold radio frequency micro crystal is the ingenious combination of micro crystal and radio frequency.

2.What is rf microneedle used for?

Wrinkle Reduction,Skin Tightening,Skin Rejuvenation ( Whitening ),Pore Reduction,Acne Scars Removal

3. Rf microneedle will hurt because it has needle?

The skin is sucked up first, and then the needle is released.So it will not hurt skin.

4.Is rf micronneedle painful?

A little.Need to apply anesthesia before operation