Vacuum Rf Slimming Machine

Model: 1C41
Brand Name: Jomy
OEM/ODM: Design on Logo/Appearance/Software/Hardware...
Min Order: 1pcs
Suitable for: Hospital,Skin Care Center,Beauty Salon...

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Product parameters

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Technology behind the Velaslim

Mechanical Manipulation (Vacuum + Massage mechanism)

a. Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity

c. Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters

d. Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen  and nutrients

e. Enables heating at different depths

Heating (infrared + radio frequency energies)

a. Enhances blood circulation and increases oxygen dissociation from oxyhemoglobin

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity

c. Increases metabolism of fat cells

d. Improves skin texture.

vacuum rf slimming machine (1)

1 Four technologies in one machine: Vaccum + 940nm Near-Infrard Laser + Bipolar RF + Rollers
2. Unique 4 hand treatment with luxury configuration: according to the treatment site, treatment programs, treatment demands of different, easy to achieve the perfect body shape,skin tighten.etc.
3. Perfect control system: the adsorption strength, adsorption frequency, roller speed, roller working direction, red light
intensity, RF power. etc can be adjusted freely to meet the various treatment demands of patients.
4. Monopolar RF, using 6M RF Korean power supply, treatment will be painless and significant.

4 treatment handles :

No. 1 big vacuum RF laser head for body

No. 2 vacuum RF laser head for arms

No. 3 vacuum RF laser head for face ( 2pcs tips for replace )

NO.4  40K Cavitation head

vacuum rf slimming machine (2)

vacuum rf slimming machine (2)

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  1. What certification do you have?

   A1.CE and ROHS

   2.Can we be your exclusive agent?

   A2.If you want to agent our products, we will provide you with a systematic solution.

   3.What is your lead time?

   A3.Usually 3-5 working days after payment confirm.

   4.What are your prices and minimum order quantities (MOQ)?

   A4.We directly give factory price according to different quantities, for commercial device, our MOQ is 1 unit; for home use device, normally starts from 2 units.