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To know exactly what kind of treatment your skin needs, it must be analyzed first. An accurate analysis is the first step in finding a targeted solution for specific skin problems.

That’s what Canfield VISIA does. It’s a complexion analysis system that uses a combination of UV lighting, IntellifFlash®, and cross-polarization to provide comprehensive information about an individual’s skin.

After the skin assessment, the result will be used to design a more targeted recommendation for treatment. Canfield VISIA can also track how your skin is responding to treatment and if it’s showing the desired effects at the cellular level.

Get to Know Your Skin

The Parker Center is pleased to offer patients in-depth skin analysis with VISIA, an advanced imaging system that provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your skin. Evaluation is quick and easy with VISIA’s multi-point positioning system. We will capture images from both the front and sides of your face so the system will have a broad area to analyze.

Surface Skin Analysis with VISIA

Computer generated results of VISIAPhotos courtesy of Canfield Imaging Systems, Inc.

How VISIA Works

A combination of UV Lighting, cross-polarization, and IntelliFlash® is used to measure the surface and subsurface conditions of your skin. These settings are particularly effective in analyzing damage that may not yet have appeared at the surface of the skin, including:

  • Sun damage

  • Spider veins

  • Hyperpigmentation,

  • Rosacea

  • Acne

Additionally, the system can analyze wrinkles, skin texture, pore size, and skin blemishes.

Subsurface Analysis with VISIA

Results from VISIA complexion analysis

Photos courtesy of Canfield Imaging Systems, Inc.

Understanding Your Skincare Needs

8 Common Skin Concerns That Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis Can Detect

1. Wrinkles

We usually see creases and lines on our faces when they’re deep enough to be visible. But Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis has a wrinkle recognition tool (WRT-VBIG) that can find even the most inconspicuous fine lines and creases. It shows exactly where they are located and how deep they are.

Deeper creases are shown in dark green, while fine lines are in a light green hue.

2. Skin Texture

Does your skin need exfoliation or not? Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis can accurately evaluate the skin to see if exfoliation treatment is needed.

Raised areas which are typically caused by pimples and dead skin cells are shown in yellow. Indentations are typically caused by open pores and creases, which Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis shows in blue.

These raised and depressed areas on the skin’s surface affect its overall texture.

3. Porphyrins

Porphyrins are bacterial secretions that can potentially block your pores and lead to acne breakouts and inflammation.

One of the many benefits of Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis is that it doesn’t just assess your current skin condition, but it can also forecast future skin issues. By accurately detecting these problematic areas, spot treatment and an appropriate skincare regimen can be recommended.

4. Sunspots

Do you know sunspots are often undetectable under normal lighting? Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis has the ability to accurately map UV spots or accumulated melanin below the skin’s surface. As a result, proper and accurate treatment can be planned out.

A custom report will be created detailing your skin analysis and recommended facial rejuvenation treatment. Using this data, we will be able to more effectively target             our skincare recommendations for professional treatments and at-home products.

5. Brown Spots

Pigmentation and discolouration such as moles, age spots, and freckles are caused by increased melanin production and can appear both on and under the surface of the skin. Once Canfield VISIA locates the area and size of the spots, breaking melanocytes apart becomes easier.

6. Red Areas

Do you have concentrated reddened areas on your skin but aren’t sure what they are? There are a number of possibilities.

Canfield VISIA can determine if the redness is rosacea, acne, broken blood vessels or spider veins, inflammation, or other conditions. The process is pain-free, has no                side effects, and you can get the results in a matter of minutes.

Once confirmed, your skincare specialist can design a customized regimen or recommend laser treatment and other appropriate procedures.

7. Pores

Generally, you can only tell if your pores are clogged when you see blackheads or whiteheads on your face. Your skin will also appear dull.

With the help of Canfield VISIA, clusters of enlarged pores can easily be seen — including their size and definition so that suitable products and treatments can be used to avoid breakouts.

8. Skin Irregularities

Canfield VISIA can also detect the location, colour, shape, and size of other skin irregularities such as scarring and vascular lesions. It can also track whether a specific skincare product or treatment is working or not.